How To Create A DEXBot Worker

So now you’ve got DEXBot installed on your computer and your wondering what to do next. Follow these guidelines on how to setup a DEXBot worker.

Once you’ve installed DEXBot and run it for the first time it will ask you for a password. This password is for a file that encrypts your private keys.

Click “Add Worker” and you will be greeted with the following screen.

When selecting an asset, you are not limited to the drop down menu, you can type in any asset that exists on the BitShares blockchain. Make sure you use CAPS when typing. “Quote asset” is the asset your order size will be priced in but if you select “relative order size” this is irrelevant (see below).

Your account is your BitShares wallet address and you will need to enter the active private key for the account. (mine is already entered in the above image). You will find your active private key by going to the DEX, clicking settings, selecting accounts and then clicking “view keys” for the account you wish DEXBot to work from. After clicking “view keys” make sure you are on the “active permissions” tab and click the wallet address. You will now be on the private key viewer screen where you will have to select “show” in order to see your private key. You will have to input your password if your wallet is not unlocked. Once you have the key input it into DEXBot.

If you select “relative order size” (which I recommend) your order size will be a percentage of the asset balance. This means you will never run out of an asset (and be unable to place an order) and any profits you make will increase your balance and your order size.

If you want DEXBot to calculate the centre price for you from the two closest orders, select “calculate center price dynamical” (recommended). Alternatively you can set a fixed price.

Last but not least, select your spread. A 10% spread will set a Buy and a Sell order 5% either side of the center price.

Once you have inputted your desired settings, click save and your worker will appear on the DEXBot Dashboard. All you have to do now is press play and you should see your orders appear on the exchange or open orders section of the DEX.

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