How To Install DEXBot On Windows!

The time has come where the majority can now get involved and try out DEXBot! Setting up on Windows is really easy and I’ll show you how to do that below. Please bear in mind DEXBot is still in its early stages, a lot of bugs have been fixed and it works a lot better now. Some users may still have problems but we encourage you to come and check it out and share your experience with us in our telegram room where we can offer our guidance and assistance. By joining us you can help improve DEXBot by reporting bugs and voting on the next stages of development.

First, you need to download the win64.zip file from the following site:


Once you have extracted the files, double click on DEXBot-gui.exe and off you go! You will have to create a password for a file that encrypts your private keys and then create a worker. You can find a guide on how to create DEXBot Workers in the tutorials section of the DEXBot website. It is also worth pointing out that you should regularly check the GitHub releases page where you just downloaded from as bug fixes and new features are added frequently.

If you have any problems or just want to join the DEXBot community, our telegram room is below: