DEXBot now has a Windows Install Wizard

DEXBot Windows Install

The DEXBot Project’s dedicated Windows Developer has been working hard to bring you the Install Wizard, which can help Windows users set up DEXBot ASAP.

The Installer for the latest DEXBot version will always be available on https://github.com/Codaone/DEXBot
Scroll halfway down the page and click on the Download the latest release for Windows, OSX and Linux from here!

Direct Link to the current (19/07/19) Version: https://github.com/Codaone/DEXBot/releases/tag/0.13.3
Scroll down and look under the Assets heading on the page and select the DEXBot-Installer-(Version).exe

The file is 58Mb and the Wizard will take about 5 minutes to install. Easy. No windows settings to fiddle with and no coding expertise required!