Running DEXBot inside a VM VirtualBox

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If you didn’t try Oracle’s VM VirtualBox  you should. The convenience of having multiple operating systems at hand for testing purposes is something we cannot afford not to use. That being said, head off to Oracles’s website and download the VirtualBox for your system: . The above image is my VM loaded with different operating […]

Step by step guide to secure an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server – part 2 of 2

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Part 2 of this guide is based on various community forum posts, and hours of frustrations. Is only a starting point for getting mod_security, mod_evasive and PSAD working. Refer to both projects documentation for the various configuration option  available and configure your security settings as required. 1. Install ModSecurity on your server. Install the dependencies. Open the Terminal […]

Remittance and Crypto: will it work? – The case of Zephyr

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Original published by @bitspark on Steemit – You may have heard about how cryptocurrencies are set to reshape the way the remittance industry works. But while it’s easy to get excited and caught in the hype, if you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrencies like Zephyr that will drive this radical change, we need to answer […]

Staggered Orders – Update

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Updated video tutorial made by Crypto Kong on how to use a spreadsheet to place “Staggered Orders” manually; click the link to download the spreadsheet used in the video : Click Me Staggered Orders Strategy On the DEX from Crypto Kong on Vimeo. Market Making strategy to profit from providing liquidity on the BitShares Decentralised […]

@markopaasila’s dream

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..a little bit of history….or How the DexBot came alive … Not so long ago a couple of members in our group, BTS DEX LIQUIDITY (Telegram channel), came with the brilliant idea of increasing the liquidity of the DEX markets by adapting the grid trading pattern from the forex trading. The basic idea of grid […]