DEXBot Windows Install

DEXBot now has a Windows Install Wizard

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The DEXBot Project’s dedicated Windows Developer has been working hard to bring you the Install Wizard, which can help Windows users set up DEXBot ASAP. The Installer for the latest DEXBot version will always be available on Scroll halfway down the page and click on the Download the latest release for Windows, OSX and […]

DEXBot Worker Proposal WP3

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  DEXBot WP3 Name Cabinet-Multisig-DEXBot-wp3 Freelancer Octomatic, Vvk, Permie, Joelva, Marko Paasila, BitProfessor, Dominic2200, Jackodb, JRizzly, Cryptick1, Kimchiking, Cryptokong123, Don_Gabriel Total Up to $148,800 paid into the cabinet-multisig-dexbot-wp2 account (As WP2 was intended to be 12mo) Daily Reserve Fund Payrate of 16,300bts/day. The project will be fully funded if the bts price > $0.05/bts. Duration […]

Understanding Trading Activity and Potential Causes of bitAsset Settlement

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By @Cryptick1 12-27-18 Summary: Around November 24, BitUSD went into Global Settlement on the BitShares Decentralized Exchange. Understanding the factors that lead to and contributed to the this settlement is important for planning and to help ensure that it does not happen in the future. While there are numerous contributing factors, this report wants to […]

Project Management Log

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DEXBot Project Management Log   29/04/19 Budget Update: 154,000CNY in 1-month Reserves 40,000CNY in agreed but unpaid expenses 126,000CNY in pocket   Over the past 2 months the developers have been thoroughly unit testing our existing code. BitProfessor has been hired specifically to handle Quality Assurance. The unit tests are nearly completed, and the […]

Staggered Orders (paperback style) – 1 hr setup & 5 min/day maintenance

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Hello Market Makers, I’ve got an example simple guide on how Staggered Orders can be done manually with a 1hr initial setup and 5 mins per day maintenance. Yep volatility big and small is GREAT for staggered Orders strategies. Volatility is not so good for “relative orders”. Small volatility up and down is good, but […]

Running DEXBot inside a VM VirtualBox

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If you didn’t try Oracle’s VM VirtualBox  you should. The convenience of having multiple operating systems at hand for testing purposes is something we cannot afford not to use. That being said, head off to Oracles’s website and download the VirtualBox for your system: . The above image is my VM loaded with different operating […]