Project Management Log


Project Management Log




Budget Update:

154,000CNY in 1-month Reserves

40,000CNY in agreed but unpaid expenses

126,000CNY in pocket


Over the past 2 months the developers have been thoroughly unit testing our existing code. BitProfessor has been hired specifically to handle Quality Assurance.

The unit tests are nearly completed, and the refactor of the code planned by Lead Dev Octomatic has begun.

DEXBot will handle CEX to DEX it arbitrage - but first a refactor of the code is needed to make the bot faster and more efficient so that it can take an arbitrage opportunity as quickly as possible.


  1. Unit test what we have -> 2) Refactor code -> 3) unit test refactored code to ensure performs as before -> 4) develop CEX-DEX arbitrage

Stage 1 and 2 are nearing completion, and CEX-DEX arb should be released at the beginning of June.


Dominic has been hired as a Windows Dev and is working on building an install Wizard to help our windows users make sure all dependencies are installed. He is also available in the t.me/DEXBotbts telegram channel to help windows users with errors.



The Technical Design Document outlining the planned refactor of the DEXBot code has been released and is available to view here:




Budget Update:

77,000bitCNY in Reserves

27,000bitCNY in agreed-but-unpaid expenses

56,000bitCNY in pocket

Vesting bts is being claimed most days and orders to sell bts for bitCNY occur most days too.



  1. BugFix Sprint 1 is complete
  2. Sprint 2 for Staggered Order Improvements started
  3. Reconfiguration of cli to best suit powerusers started
  4. 1 Satoshi bot feature finished
  5. Full funding for async development has been accumulated
  6. New contributors are taking a look at DEXBot documentation updates



Budget Update:

77,000bitCNY in Reserves

23,000bitCNY in agreed-but-unpaid expenses

18,000bitCNY in pocket

Vesting bts is being claimed most days and orders to sell bts for bitCNY occur most days too.



  1. To async or not to async? Is in discussion in the Cabinet. Async would make dexbot faster at processing its calculations. But how much speed does DEXBot need? I would say async development is looking likely, but not final.
  2. If async development is decided, the next week will be spent bug fixing and accumulating bitCNY to have funds-in-hand to pay for async development. No work will be commissioned until the funds are already held on account in bitCNY - and a 2 week’s expenses reserves will always be kept wherever possible. DEXBot pays its debts.
  3. Workflow procedure to include a development branch and a master branch
  4. Bug fixing sprint 1 is going well. 9 issues in progress, 4 already complete.
  5. 7 small PRs are ready for a merge to development branch next week.
  6. A draft of the New Contributor Guide written by octo is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GlK5seTC8SANJ9kvkQbipby880yHWzuEGX5EhOA-zU4/edit
  7. More bug fixing is due to be scheduled for next week
  8. Potential to commission a Technical Specifications document to implement async with DEXBot
  9. Strategy R&D is in progress
  10. New feature in advanced planning stages. A +1 satoshi bot feature to always be first in the orderbook queue.
  11. Article explaining the multisignature security and Worker Proposal system behind the DEXBot project is being written.
  12. Twitter influencers are being identified
  13. DEXBot now has a steemit account: https://steemit.com/@dexbot



Budget Update:

Since Cabinet-multisig-DEXBot-WP2 was voted in on the 9th of January 2019 we have been accumulating bts into the account and periodically selling for bitCNY.


As of 03.02.19 the DEXBot funding account has:


BTS Awaiting Sale: 47,155 bts (expected to sell for >10,000CNY)

CNY: 86,600CNY (worth ~$12,000)

The Lead Developer @Octomatic and Supporting Developer @Vvk123 have been paid their monthly retainers in return for being regularly available to answer questions in a private Telegram room among invited potential contributor-developers. Please post in the t.me/DEXBotbts telegram room if you’d like an invite.

Note: Neither Octomatic nor Vvk are paid or obligated to answer questions outside of the invite-only channel.


Although if they or anyone else chooses to help out new users in the t.me/DEXBotbts telegram room there is $240 per month in the budget available to reward helpers for a few hours at $15/hr.


Upcoming this week:


  1. Bug Fixes are due to start - with some due to be completed this week.
  2. A “Contributor Guidance Document” is being written in order to inform potential new DEXBot contributor-developers on what they need to know.
  3. A tentative release is planned in the next 2-4 weeks.
  4. Bounty Negotiations with a promising  first-time new DEXBot contributor.
  5. Template Guideline for a simple DEXBot feature “UpOneSatoshi” that adds liquidity at the edge of the spread - by beating the current highest bid/lowest spread by 1 satoshi. In order to place a trade in poll position on the orderbook.

A trader who wants to make a one-way trade ASAP (but not necessarily immediately) might use this feature to save a little % by not taking the offer off the book.

  1. A Second DEXBot Community Survey DRAFT is advancing through the planning stages.



DEXBot WP2 Commences


The BitShares Network commissioned us to continue in mid-January as the DEXBot project earned the 300,000,000+ bts votes required in order to receive funding from the BitShares Network Reserves. The reserves at time of writing are worth ~$30 million - bts token holders approved to spend $24,800 per month on DEXBot development.